About Us

We aim to provide innovative and practical support and solutions to enable individuals and organizations to improve their effectiveness and efficiency. We work closely with our sector partners to bring best practices from around the world.

Founded in 2020, Genysys is an organization focusing on the not-for-profit sector. Genysys is based in the USA and the sister company of Genome Training and Consulting in the MENA region.

Our philosophy has aways been access, providing professionals in the not-for-profit and governmental sectors with the knowledge, tools, and skills to be able to better serve their communities. We help you to help others.

Our team has worked around the globe, devivering consulting projects and training for humanitarian, development, and governmental entities.

Recent Training Projects


In collaboration with our sister company, the lead MEAL expert at Genysys conducted the first face to face training on Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability, and Learning (MEAL DPro), a standard launched in 2019.

Proposal Writing

Our inhouse writing expert has provided individual, small, and large group capacity building on writing proposals for international donors including: UN entities, INGOs, Foundations, and USAID.

Project DPro

In the past year, Genysys trainers have conducted over 10 face to face and viritual courses based upon the Project DPro (PMD Pro) methodology utilzing dynamic and interactive techniques to deliver optimal learning environments.

Program DPro

The lead trainer at Genysys has provided virtual and face to face training on the Program DPro international standard and certification scheme.

Recent Consulting Projects

Research and White Paper Development

March 2020

Genysys analyzed data compiled from a math fluency pilot project and developed a summary white paper, infographic, and 2-page summary highlighting the findings.

Context Research for USAID Bid

February 2020

A Genysys consultant completed context research for a USAID proposal bid process that focused on women’s economic empowerment, PWDs (Persons with Disabilities), and the overall country countext.

Project Management Manual

February-April 2020

In collaboration with sector partners, the lead consultant at Genysys created a Project Management Manual for a UN entity based upon the Project DPro methodology.

Endline/Performance Evaluation

January-April 2020

The Genysys team completed a combination endline and performance evaluation for a livelihoods project focusing on cash-for-work.

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